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PANASONIC Pick and Place Machine

Panasonic CM202-DS Chip Shooter

Panasonic CM202-DS CM201-DS
TactTime 0.088sec/chip
2350 x 1950 x 1430
Weight(kg) 2620
Product description: Panasonic CM202-DS Pick and place machine,
TactTime 0.088sec/chip,
dimension: 2350 x 1950 x 1430, Weight(kg) 2620

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Panasonic CM202-DS Chip Shooter

Sector      Specification(CM202-DS)      Specification(CM201-DS)
ModelNo.     KXF-E24C                              KXF-E14C
TactTime    0.088sec/chip                     0.176sec/chip
B'd change: 3.0 sec
Centering method: Upward Vision
PCB Size(L x W) MAX.460 x 360mm,MIN.50 x 50mm
Placement range: 0°~ 359° θ ±1°                Patch Accuracy: ±0.05mm/chip
FeederStation 104 stations(Double Feeder) 52 stations(Double Feeder)
Components range: 0603 ~ 24mm x 6t
Feeder: 8~72mm Tape Feeder/Bulk Feeder/Vibration feeder/
Tray Feeder
Conv.Transfer Right→Left(Left→Right:Op.) FrontFix (RearFix :Op.)
Power   AC200V 3PH,50/60Hz, 2.5kVA  AC200V 3PH,50/60Hz, 1.5kVA
Air 0.49MPa 400L/min 0.49MPa 200L/min
Dimension(LxWxH)mm 2350 x 1950 x 1430 1390 x 1950 x 1430
Weight(kg) 2620 1460

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