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SMT Panasonic Bm123 Bm221 Msf 44mm Feeder

SMT Panasonic Bm123 Bm221 Msf 44mm Feeder Fae4400mA300
Panasonic feeder SMT pick and place machine Feeder
Product description: SMT Panasonic Bm123 Bm221 Msf 44mm Feeder Fae4400mA300
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SMT Panasonic Bm123 Bm221 Msf 44mm Feeder Fae4400mA300

SMT Panasonic BM123 BM221 MSF 44mm Feeder FAE4400MA300
We can supply you the following Panasonic BM Feeder:
PANASONIC BM123 / BM221 / BM231 / MSF Series Feeders:
BM    8W*2P   10896BF101           Double
BM    8W*2P   N610014231AA        Double
BM    8W*4P   10896BF106           Double
BM    8W*4P   N610016060AA        Double
MSF   8W*2P   10896BF061           Double
MSF   8W*4P   10896BF066           Double
BM    8W*2P   10896BF074           Single
BM    8W*4P   10896BF071           Single
BM    12MM    FAE1200MA300
BM    16MM    FAE1600MA300
BM    24MM    FAE2400MA300
BM    32MM    FAE3200MA300
BM    44MM    FAE4400MA300
M402/602 8mm 0201 N610031080AA
CM402/602 8mm with sensor KXFW1KS5A00
CM402/602 8mm  without sensor KXFW1KSBA00
CM402/602 12/16mm with sensor KXFW1KS6A00
CM402/602 12/16mm without sensor KXFW1KSCA00
CM402/602 24/32mm with sensor KXFW1KS7A00
CM402/602 24/32mm without sensor KXFW1KSDA00
CM402/602 24/32mm Deep groove KXFW1LOYA00
CM402/602 44/56mm with sensor KXFW1KS8A00
CM402/602 44/56mm without sensor KXFW1KSEA00
CM402/602 44/56mm Deep groove KXFW1LOTA00
CM402/602 72mm with sensor KXFW1KS9A00
CM402/602 72mm without sensor KXFW1KSFA00
CM402/602 72mm Deep groove KXFW1LOZA00
CM402/602 88mm with sensor KXFW1KS10A00
CM402/602 88mm without sensor KXFW1KSEA00
CM402/602 stick feeder KXFW1KSRA00

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