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PANASONIC Pick and Place Machine

Panasonic CM402 Pick and Place Machine

Max.speed : 184 800cph*
IPC9850(1608) : 130 000cph*
Placement accuracy : ±25 μm
High-accuracy mode ON
Max.speed : 108 000cph*
IPC9850(1608) : 76 000cph*
Placement accuracy : ±15 μm
Panasonic CM402 Pick and Place Machine
Mounting Speed: 60,000 CPH
Application components: from 0201 chips to 24mm square
Panasonic CM402
Product description: Panasonic CM402 Pick and Place Machine
High Speed Chip mounter, 60,000 CPH
Application components from 0201 chips to 24mm square
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Panasonic CM402 Pick and Place Machine

The CM402 is now available for purchase as a Panasonic Pre-Owned Certified machine. Please
fill out the form to the right or call for inventory availability.If you need the flexibility to switch
from ultrahigh-speed placement to multi-functionality on site, the CM402 high-speed interchangeable
platform, modular placement machine is the choice. With its high-speed head, it can place up to 60,000
components per hour with ±50 micron accuracy onto boards as large as 18" x 20". The multi-function
head can place 17,140 CPH with ±35 micron accuracy.Not only fast and flexible, the CM402 offers other
economical benefits. Its user-friendly operation makes programming and operating the machine less labor
intensive. Plus, by delivering fast, efficient product changeover, work stoppage is minimal. The CM402 was
developed to allow customers to add incremental capacity as their production needs progress.
Features & Benefits
Supports wide range of chips, from 0201 chips to 24mm square components in high-speed mode and
0201 chips to 90mm X 100mm in multi-function mode
Up to 60,000 components per hour
216 feeder inputs (using 8mm dual)
Gang feeder exchange
Dual lane capability

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