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PANASONIC Pick and Place Machine

Panasonic NPM-D3A Pick And Place Machine

Panasonic NPM-D3 SMT Machine
Mounting Speed: 84,000 CPH
Application components:0402 (01005)
Panasonic NPM-D3 pick and place machine

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Panasonic NPM-D3A Modular Pick And Place Machine

Panasonic NPM-D3A Modular Pick And Place Machine

Adoption of the light-weight 16-nozzle head V3
Improving Placement tact time by simultaneously driving X-/Y-axes and selecting optimal pathways during component recognition operation.

Advancement of head drive unit motion control
Improving placement tact time by further advancing motion control and thereby reducing X-/Z-axis travel time.

Use of new pickup operation algorithm
Improving effective productivity by enhancing pickup algorithm for microchips.


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