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Panasonic NPM-W2 Modular SMT Chip Mounter Machine

Introduce of Panasonic SMT Chip Mounter machine

Panasonic NPM W2 pick and place machine, Panasonic SMT chip mounter, Panasonic modular mounter, board handling up to 1,490 x 550mm, Lightweight 16-nozzle head (for 77,000 CPH).

The new NPM-W2 amplifies the original NPM-W capabilities with a 10% throughput boost and 25% more accuracy. It also integrates new innovations like our incomparable Multi Recognition Camera. Combined, these features extend the component range down to the 03015mm microchip, yet preserve capability up to 120x90mm components up to 40mm tall and nearly 6” long (150mm) connectors.

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